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Pulse ~ echo mode (standard mode, for the general thickness measurement)
Echo ~ echo method (coating mode, for no net removal of paint layer substrate thickness measurement)
Range:0.8 ~ 300mm (standard mode)
            3 ~ 18mm (coated mode)
            Depend on the probe, the measured material, surface condition
Units and display resolution:
Mm -0.01,0.1
In. -0.001,0.01
Point calibration (for conventional thickness measurement)
Two-point calibration (measurement of the surface thickness or special applications, can significantly improve the measurement accuracy)
V Path to amend
Auto-V sound way to amend, the compensation of non-linearity of double crystal probe
Indication error:
      0.05mm (10mm or less)
      0.5% H +0.01 (10mm and above, H is measured the thickness)
Repeatability: 0.05mm
Display: 128 64 dot matrix LCD screen (42 57 mm)
With EL backlight, adjustable contrast
Thickness value of digital elevation up to 13.75 millimeters
Refresh Rate Measurement:
Conventional measurement 4Hz, the minimum scanning time 25Hz
Indication error:
0.05mm (10mm or less)
0.5% H +0.01 (10mm and above, H is measured the thickness)
Material Velocity Range:
1000 ~ 9999m / s, 0.0394 ~ 0.3937in/us
1000 ~ 9999m / s, 0.0394 ~ 0.3937in/us
Data Storage: Divided into 5 array can store 500 thickness
Language: Chinese, English
Power:Two 1.5V AA batteries
When the battery is low, a low-voltage Tips
Operating hours : 2 5 batteries, use of time of up to 200 hours
Automatic shutdown:
5 minutes without operating the automatic shutdown
-10 ~ +50 , there are special requirements of up to -20
Size:149mm 73mm 32mm (H W D)
Weight: 200g with battery
Standard Configuration:
UD-UM Series thickness
Standard probe
Instrument Box
2 alkaline batteries
Packing List
Optional Accessory:
Rubber jacket;
many options probe;
calibration test block with the ladder;
 coupling agents and high-temperature couplant
Communciation Cable+Software 
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