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 Xnt >> X-ray XXH Series

   The faith of design of the detector is firmly, reliable and durable. The controller adopts the integration technology to make the inner configuration more reasonable with imported parts, and more residual electric parameter. The design exposal under the 120kV prolongs the life of the X-ray tube and coil and improves the reliability of product at the same time.
   There is a strong adjustability of detector. It adopts the control circuit and control technology to control the power source, so it can work at anyone methods of supply. The product technology has gotten two national patents.
    Application fields: spaceflight industry, shipbuilding industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, power supply, automobiles, pressure container, heavy machine manufacture industry, bridge building industry and etc.
Panoramic Portable X-ray Detector(with glass X-ray tube)
Model output voltage
focus size
beam angle
(level target)
dimension of generator
XXH-2005 100-200 2.0 1.03.5 25+5 27 21.5 285285665
XXH-2505 150-250 2.5 1.02.4 25+5 37 33.5 320320730
XXH-3005 170-300 3.0 1.02.3 25+5 47 40 345345830
 Main character:
Compact x-ray generator, anode grounded, forced air cooling
Light weight, portable, easy to use
The ratio of the exposure fine to the stop time is 1:1
High voltage ,time delay function protects the operator from radiation
Strictly controlled the production techniques, nice sculpt, reasonable design.
5. Main configuration:
.Panoramic glass X-ray tube            1Pcs     200KV, 5mA     
.Generator (included above tube)        1nos                     
.Interconnection cable with two plugs     1Pcs     25 Meters        
. Controller                            1nos                     
.Power supply cable with one plug        1Pcs     10 Meters       
.Grounding cable                       1Pcs      5 Meters       
.Accessories bag                       1Pcs                     
(Including: alarm lamp, 1 Pcs; lead letter, 1 box; dark bag, 5 Pcs; intensifying screen,5 Pcs; Image quality indicator,1 set; fuse,1 set;)


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