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 TG >> UD-UM4/4D/4DL


UD-UM4 Ultrasonic Color Display Thickness Gauge

Color 320x240 Pixels Display                A-Scan Snapshot
Echo-Echo Mode(Thru Paint & Coatings)     Stores 100,000 Readings
Gain: Low, Medium or High for varying test conditions

   The handheld UD-UM4 ultrasonic thickness gage uses dual element transducers for corrosion applications. It offers many basic features such as Min/Max Mode that measures and recalls the minimum thickness at a fast 20 readings per second, Freeze Mode to instantly capture critical thickness, and Zero Compensation, A-scan display for echo-echo measurement.
Measurements from one side
Ultrasonic thickness gages make instant digital measurements by transmitting sound into a material from one side, making it unnecessary to cut the corroded part.
Lightweight and pocket-size 
These handheld gages are small enough to fit in a toolbox or inside your pocket. They are ideal for quick inspections in hard-to-reach areas.
Color-coded keypad 
You can directly access many important measurement features for time-saving operation. Strategically located keys are grouped together by color for easy operation.
Large OLED display  
The large numerals make it easy to read thickness measurements.

Thickness range:
0.6 mm - 508 mm, ( 0.008 - 20 inches ),depending on material, temperature and transducer selection
Material Velocity Calibration Range: 500 - 9999 m/s  (0.0197 - 0.3937 in/uS )
Battery type: 2 "AA" Alkaline
Battery life: Up to 35 hours 
Color Display: 320x240 pixels, 2.4 high resolution OLED display
Display contrast: 10000:1
Information displays: LOS, min, max, large reading while displaying min at the same time, velocity, zero, calibration, units, freeze, unfreeze, % battery life remaining, gain - low, std, high, echo to echo symbol
Resolution: 0.01 or 1mm . (0. 001" or 0.01)
Units: English/Metric
Gain: Low, Standard and High for varying test conditions
Measurement rate: 4, 8, 16 Hz refresh
Differential Mode: Displays the difference from the actual thickness measurement and a user entered reference value
Alarms: Minimum/Maximum depth, beeps and display flashes as well as keypad illumination
Shut off: Manual or Auto, time out (user programmable from 5,10,20 minutes)
Fast Scan Min/Max mode: Displays minimum or maximum thickness value
Freeze mode: Freezes display to hold onto last reading
Scan mode: Displays minimum or maximum thickness value
Differential Mode: Displays the difference from the actual thickness measurement and a user entered reference value
Alarms: Minimum/Maximum depth
Keypad: Color Illuminate, easy setup and operate
Waveform: Color A-scan Waveform display
Gain Adjust: low, medium and high variable adjustment of gain
Rectification Modes: A-San Shot
Echo to Echo: Measures the metal thickness only (ignore paint and coatings)
Data logger: 100,000 thickness data logger with ID point in linear or grid files ( 400 files)
Output: USB 2.0 full speed connector. Data View report software
Size: 153mm (L) x76mm (W) x 37mm (H)
Weight: 280 g
Temperature: Gage Operating: -10 C to 50 C  

The difference of UM4 Series models as following:
Main Functions UM4 UM4D UM4DL
A Scan Snapshot ok ok ok
Thr-paint function  - ok ok
Data Logger(100 000 sets of data,1000 pictures) /DataView Software  -  - ok
Standard Probe PT-08 Penetration probe
Penetration probe

Variety of probe optional:          
Model TC-510  PT08  PT06  PT04  ZT12  GT12
Type UM D/DL Standard UM4/5 Standard Small Transistor  Micro probe Iron probe  Temperature 
Frequency(MHZ)  5MHz  5MHz  7.5MHz  10MHz 2MHz  5MHz 
The diameter of contact area  13.5mm  11mm  8mm 6mm  17mm  15mm 
(In steel)
1.2~200.0mm  0.8~100.0mm   0.8~30.0mm  0.5~20.0mm 4.0~508.0mm  4.0~80.0mm 
Allow access to the temperature -10~70 -10~70  -10~70  -10~70 -10~70 -20~300


Standard Package includes:
Ultrasonic thickness gage      

-       operational manual,
-       probe + cable,
-       couplant ,
-       certificate,
-       hard carrying case

-       packing list

Optional Accessories:

Several selectable probes; test block; leather case; couplants and high temperature couplant

The Data Logger and PT12,ZT12,PT16,PT04 and GT12 probes is optional parts.If you have a need,please contact us.


The link is:  http://www.udtrade.com/productShow.asp?ID=587


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